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As a team of developers we realized a lack of quality design work available that was available to pay for with cryptocurrency.


Designers and the people that would like to hire them need a secure way to be paid for the work provided and received.


We are launching our masternode presale on 4/18/18 through 4/23/18.

Phase 1 will have 10 masternodes available at 0.4 btc each.

Phase 2 will have 10 masternodes available at 0.45 btc each.


We will list to on 4/20/18 and quick exchange listing will be paid 4/22/18.

DesignPortal Launch!

7/15/18 will be the launch date for the DesignPortal where designers will be able to register a seller account (screened by our team for quality) to list services and buyers will be able to register and start shopping for the perfect designer for their project!

DesignCoin will change the way individuals pay for creative design services. Through our DesignPortal, users have the ability to search for designers to fit their project needs, fast, safe and easy!
Graphic design skills are necessary for a wide array of fields and applications – building websites, creating documents or designing marketing materials, all the way up to re-branding a company. If you’re looking to hire designers for your next project, look no further: DesignPortal (powered by DesignCoin) is the place to hire the perfect person for the job!

The actual choosing of a designer for your projects is a complicated task, which requires a mix of intuition, artistic sense and pragmatism. You do want your future partner to have good communication skills and a good understanding of the area you want them to work in, but you must also enjoy their style and designs – if not, the collaboration will leave you both disappointed. Design is an interesting mix between an art and an exact science. While measuring every pixel and drawing things perfectly is a number’s game, making everything fit from multiple perspectives requires an artist’s eye. The things you must take into consideration when hiring a designer should be the following: price, graphic design experience, past projects (number and type), feedback, artistic style and willingness to step out of his comfort zone.

With DesignPortal, you will quickly find a good number of designers ready to work on your project all powered by DesignCoin for sending and receiving payments. Skilled designers from around the world are available to assist with your project. The average response time is very fast, meaning you can see the product in various stages of its development and give feedback along the way, something crucial in the design industry. The more information you are able to give our designers regarding your project, the quicker and better they’ll be able to help you. If you have a clear idea about what you want and when you want it, we invite you to try our DesignPortal. We are positive that the first project will be top-quality, and you will enjoy working with our partners, which will lead to the development of a great working relationship. Get ready to grow your business using DesignCoin!


  • — What are the benefits of buying DesignCoin in Presale?

    The benefits of buying DSN in presale is you get to enjoy the high ROI from the start. This way you will be able to get yourinital investment backquickly. By purchacing a masternode from the presale, you are helping fund the DesignPortal project and will be a part of the future of how design work is done.

  • — How can I purchase a masternode from the presale?

    To purchase a masternode from the presale, join our discord and ask pm one of the developers listed on the right side.
    Discord link:

  • — When and on which exchanges will the DSN be listed?

    After the presale is complete. DSN will be listed on Crypto-Bridge via quick listing.

  • — What will the pre-mine be used for?

    Advertisement, DesignPortal Development, Public Relations, Bounties and Contest Rewards.